23 Dec 2015

86th post - Gondor Knight with Banner!

Hello  guys!
This is my first post since September ... well, I had to focus on college to achieve the intended results, and that left me no time to paint as much as I wanted xD
Now on vacations, I've finally finished painting my Gondorian Knight with Banner, and I must say, I'm a bit rusted. I really felt that what I wanted to do took much more work and didn't achieve quite the results I was looking for, but anyway... Number 55 is finished:

And here it is :D
Any suggestions are extremely welcome eheh

Happy Hobbying and Merry Christmas/Yule everyone :)

2 Sep 2015

85th post - Dark Brown Horse!

Hi friends :)

Well, firstly, I must say that lately (about the last two months) I've been a little off the hobby due to a bit of unmotivation. I think it is pretty normal since I was painting in a great pace for a long time.

I'm currently struggling to get my motivation back and keep up with my painting, so this week I've painted a horse, just to get the engines running.

This horse belongs to a banner bearer of Gondor, that will be my next figure for the number 55 of the BGiME.
As usual, I've also made a little video of me painting it, and I would like to ask you all to give me your feedback and also some advices. :)

Concerning the video, I'm currently trying to find the better way to record, the better lighting conditions and place. So, this video might not be of a great quality... I'm giving my best to improve. :)

All said, let's get to the photos:

And now, the youtube video:

I know it isnt much, but I hope you guys like it :D

Happy hobbying.

11 Jun 2015

84th post - Sir Christopher Lee!

Oh my... today was a sad day...
Sir Christopher Lee has passed away.
He was the only cast member of "the Lord of the Rings" that had actually met J.R.R.Tolkien.
It is said that Tolkien wanted him to play the role of Gandalf if, someday, "the Lord of the Rings" went to the big screen.
All that apart, what a great Man! Amazing actor, and amazing person... a true inspiration both in his job and in his intellect.

Christopher Lee was, is, and always will be a Legend!!

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